SILIKOFTAL® HTS/MPA is a clear to slightly hazy liquid that is dilutable by esters, ketones and glycol ethers. This product's properties are not affected by haziness. It has low thermoplasticity, good gloss retention, and good adhesion without addition of organotin-containing compounds. This product is used for non-stick coatings in combination with PTFE. It is also used in decorative coatings of cookware, household appliances, and electric and gas heaters with a permanent thermal stability of 230 °C.


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Evonik Industries AG, TEGO Products is one of the leading brands in the international coatings industry. It creates additives, hydrophobing agents, co-binders, and silicone binders with heat resistance. The company is characterized by flexibility and creativity, which helps them diversify and create a wide range of solutions for the industry.


Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, TEGO Products 赢创工业集团-迪高涂料助剂

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