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ASK Chemicals目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

NECOWEL 5286 is an aliphatic PU-modified alkyd emulsion with medium oil length. It offers outstanding drying properties and good weather- and yellowing resistance. It is therefore applicable in air and forced drying top coats for agricultural equipment. Lacquers based on NECOWEL 5286 show good adhesion on metal- and plastic substrates. At drying temperatures below 40 °C a loss of gloss is possible which can be avoided by forced drying or addition of solvents.


ASK Chemicals manufactures raw materials such as resins and niche solutions for the Paint and Coatings Industry. This company specializes in creating flexible, fast drying, weather and yellow resistant phenolic resins, alkyd resin emulsions, and alkyd resins to be applied in construction chemicals, coating materials, woods, and metals. ASK Chemicals product range includes NECOWEL™ 2275, NECOWEL™ FLE, etc.




ASK Chemicals

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