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NECOWEL™ 586 N is an aromatic PU-modified alkyd emulsion with medium oil length. The emulsion does not contain APEO and is free of VOC and SVOC. It is especially suited to formulate water-based primers with good drying properties. Due to its good compatibility with acrylic dispersions, NECOWEL™ 586 N is also used in hybrid systems. NECOWEL™ 586 N has a slight yellowing tendency and is therefore not recommended to formulate white color lacquers. Coatings based on NECOWEL™ 586 N show good adhesion on different substrates, also on plastics like polystyrene and ABS.


ASK Chemicals manufactures raw materials such as resins and niche solutions for the Paint and Coatings Industry. This company specializes in creating flexible, fast drying, weather and yellow resistant phenolic resins, alkyd resin emulsions, and alkyd resins to be applied in construction chemicals, coating materials, woods, and metals. ASK Chemicals product range includes NECOWEL™ 2275, NECOWEL™ FLE, etc.




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