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Catalyst 806 is a high reactive tertiary amine and well suited to cure polyurethane formulations based on Askocoat technology. Catalyst 806 has a high flash point, shows low volatility and therefore, ATEX-equipment can be avoided in most cases. Catalyst 806 is applied as fine spray into the coating drum onto the uncured Askocoat-polyurethane layer of the fertilizer granules. Curing of the Askocoat-layer occurs within seconds. Catalyst 806 has functional end-groups that irreversibly react into the polyurethane coating.


ASK Chemicals manufactures raw materials such as resins and niche solutions for the Paint and Coatings Industry. This company specializes in creating flexible, fast drying, weather and yellow resistant phenolic resins, alkyd resin emulsions, and alkyd resins to be applied in construction chemicals, coating materials, woods, and metals. ASK Chemicals product range includes NECOWEL™ 2275, NECOWEL™ FLE, etc.




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