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Anti-Stick Agent PF-07AT Glory-I Prime Development Limited Anti-Stick Agent PF-07AT is used for the outer coating of natural and other synthetic latex film and in medical and industrial gloves. This product is applicable to the medical industry, among others.
BYK®-S 781 BYK 毕克 带有极性成分的蜡化合物助剂,可用于不饱和聚酯、乙烯基酯和DCPD树脂,得到不粘表面
BYK®-S 782 BYK 毕克 改性蜡化合物助剂,可用于不饱和聚酯,乙烯基酯和DCPD树脂,得到不粘表面
Paint Detackification Agent B8013-2 Tianjin Boyuan New Materials Co., Ltd. 天津博苑高新材料有限公司 油漆脱粘剂B8013具有优异的脱粘性、透明度高,且容易分散。它可用于喷漆室废水脱粘漆剂、水性或溶剂型涂料废水,金属离子废水。
ProHere® L 90109 Michelman ProHere® L 90109 is an anionic microcrystalline wax emulsion which acts as a release aid and detackifier for metal coatings.