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D.S.V. Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

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D.S.V. Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporters of synthetic resins and has established itself as a dependable supplier of synthetic resins in the Indian and international market. D.S.V. Chemicals offers a wide selection of products for the surface coating industry covering decorative and industrial paints, protective coatings, printing inks and adhesives. D.S.V. works in a close partnership with its customers offering tailor-made solutions to meet their specific requirements.
Disvaket-100 D.S.V. Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Disvaket-100 is a ketonic resin. This product has a melting point range of 85-95 degrees Celsius. It can be used in flexo and gravure inks for polypropylene and BOPP, as well as in nitrocellulose lacquers and paper varnishes.