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Eastman Chemical

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Eastman Chemical is a supplier of raw materials used in the Paint & Coatings industry. With high performance cellulose esters, adhesion promoters, solvents, resins, and other additives, it offers a host of ingredients for top quality paints and coatings. Catering to environmentally friendly applications, Eastman Chemical also has alternatives for Low VOC, Non-VOC, and Non-HAP formulations.
Eastman Advantex™ Eastman Chemical Advantex为中和胺添加剂,适用于涂料。它可以帮助你减少VOC,不会黄变,胺的气味很轻。Advantex可提供这些特点和许多额外的好处,非其它中和胺可提供的。
Eastman Vantex® T Eastman Chemical VANTEX® T是一个零VOC胺添加剂,用于油漆和涂料,以液体形式供应。