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Suny Chem supplies synthetic resins, auxiliaries, and high polymer additives for Paints. The company’s high polymer additives serve a variety of functions in paint applications, including antioxidants, anti-static agents, UV absorbers, curing agents, flame retardants, light stabilizers, optical brighteners, and photoinitiators. Established in 1995, Suny Chem is located in Yantai, China.
Request Sample Disperse Blue Sunsper 2BLN-M Suny Chem 烟台信谊化工有限公司 分散蓝Sunsper 2BLN-M是分散蓝C.I.56很好的替代品,强度是分散蓝 CI.56的2倍。它提供了良好的色牢度,更低的成本,出色的色彩强度和出色的色彩稳定性。这款产品可以与中等和深色混合。