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Janssen PMP

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Janssen PMP is a global leader in the advancement and production of end-use products and new and very efficient active substances for produce and material protection. This is achieved through their four business units: Microbial Control to fight against bacteria and fungi in assorted formulations, Anti-fouling to protect ships from accumulation of marine organisms, Post Harvest to help preserve fresh fruit and Wood Protection to ward off insect growth and other active ingredients that can degrade the wood.
ECONEA® Janssen PMP 不含金属的防污助剂,用于船体和其它船舰结构的防污涂料
WOCOSEN™ 45TK Janssen PMP 技术精华,提供杰出的广谱杀菌性,防止木材由于真菌引起的毁坏,表面发霉和蓝变
Zinc PYRION™ Antifouling Janssen PMP 高效防污助剂,用于控制海洋生物的软体污垢,例如海藻、细菌和硅藻粘液
Zinc PYRION™ Architectural Paints Janssen PMP 干膜防腐剂,用于防止霉菌、酵母、细菌和藻类生长