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Artichoke Concentrate Extract - 3.5% Cynarine 

Artichoke Concentrate Extract - 3.5% Cynarine is a fluid concentrate that uses the leaves from the Cynara Scolymus plant. It is supplied as a viscous brown extract that is soluble in water. This product is rich in cynarine and helps to eliminate digestive discomforts. This extract is used both on its own and with other plants with identical properties.


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Evear Extraction is a manufacturer in the Food and Beverage Industry. This company specializes in plant and aromatic extraction to create health foods and food supplements. Evear Extraction's system range includes Acerola Plant Extract - 25% Vitamin C, Artichoke Plant Extract - 10% Polyphenol, Boldo Plant Extract, Hawthorn Plant Extract, etc. These products serve as flavor and coloring agents.


Evear Extraction

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