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Calcium Carbonate (Natural Type) 


D.D. Williamson

Calcium Carbonate is a white powder found in nature in mineral sources such as calcite, limestone and marble. It adds color to foods and firming properties to vegetables. It is insoluble in water but may be emulsified to disperse in water. It may be produced by the precipitation of calcium ions with carbonate ions. The European Union (EU) has approved calcium carbonate as a food coloring. Some other regions do not allow its use as a color additive.




D.D. Williamson is a leading supplier of natural colourings, natural flavors and caramel colors for the food and beverage industry. They developed the natural flavor line for the markets demand for clean labels. D.D. Williamson's flavours may be labeled as “Natural Flavor” in North America and “Natural Flavouring” in Europe and can be labeled “colouring foodstuffs” (no E numbers) in Europe.


D.D. Williamson

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