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D.D. Williamson

Saffron is an all natural food coloring belonging to the carotenoid family that ranges from orange to yellow depending on the products acidity. Food companies mainly use Saffron as a coloring agent but also as a flavor enhancer, the spice is cultivated by hand from the stigma of the flower Crocus Cartwrightianus. Saffron contains contains alpha-crocin, a compound which imparts a distinct yellow hue to foods. A distinctive characteristic of crocin is that it – unlike other carotenoids — imparts color to water based foods without the need of an emulsifier.




D.D. Williamson is a leading supplier of natural colourings, natural flavors and caramel colors for the food and beverage industry. They developed the natural flavor line for the markets demand for clean labels. D.D. Williamson's flavours may be labeled as “Natural Flavor” in North America and “Natural Flavouring” in Europe and can be labeled “colouring foodstuffs” (no E numbers) in Europe.


D.D. Williamson

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