Grade A Medium Heat Nonfat Dry Milk 

Grade "A" Medium Heat (Spray Dried) Nonfat Dry Milk is the powder resulting from the removal of the fat and water from fresh Grade "A" Milk. It contains the lactose, milk proteins and milk minerals in the same relative proportions as they occur in fresh milk. The product is made from fresh, pasteurized nonfat milk to which no preservative, alkali, neutralizing agent or other chemical has been added. Since this process does not alter the protein found in the milk, good curd formation and a pleasing flavor are realized. DairyAmerica's Grade "A" NFDM is commonly used in the manufacturing of: recombined milk, dry mixes, confections, puddings, and frozen deserts.




DairyAmerica is a marketing cooperative association that markets dairy products and is the largest producer of skimmed milk powder. Just some of the products they offer include low heat regular, medium heat regular, sweet cream and grade A non-fat dry milk. DairyAmerica supplies its products internationally, nationally and regionally.


DairyAmerica, Inc.

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