BÖCKER F is a Dried wheat sourdough concentrate for white bread. It is made of wheat flour, wheat malt, and starter cultures. This product can fully replace the fermentation of a wheat sourdough. It is ideally suited for all bakery products. It emphasizes the special character of all wheat-based baked goods and mixed breads with a rye content up to 20 %. And it is suitable for the production of mixed wheat breads as Bakers percent of 2 % which eliminates the need for a time-consuming sourdough fermentation.



Ernst BÖCKER GmbH & Co. specialize in the sale, development and production of natural baking ingredients for developing better textures and flavors of bakery products. Their food industry clientele includes bakery industry suppliers and baking companies. They offer predoughs and natural sourdoughs in a liquid, powdery or past-like form in addition to the usual starter cultures for internal dough production.


Ernst BÖCKER GmbH & Co. KG

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