Citri-Fi® 100 


Fiberstar, Inc.

Citri-Fi® 100 is an all natural citrus fiber product made from dried orange pulp. It is used for fat replacement, moisture management, water and oil binding, or thickening. It is a light yellow beige free flowing powder that has applications in bakery and meat products.


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Fiberstar, Inc. is a supplier of food ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company mainly produces a wide range of ingredients that include Citri-Fi® 100, Citri-Fi® 300 M40, Citri-Fi® 200 FG (Fine Granulated), and more. These products are multi-functional fibers that are obtained from orange fiber, and can be widely used for oil binding, moisture management, and thickening.


Fiberstar, Inc.

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