Peppermint Oil Dementholized 

Peppermint Oil Dementholized is a food additive derived from Peppermint, a commonly-used spice plant cultivated in China. Peppermint Oil is a colorless or pale yellow liquid with a cool, minty scent and a sharp taste that cools off after a bit. It is used in the production of chewing gum, candies, alcohol, and other foods.


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Anhui Fengle Perfume Co., Ltd produces and supplies products for the flavor and fragrance industry. Some of their products include essential oils such as lavender oil, spearmint and peppermint oils. Anhui Fengle Perfume Co products and service are supplied to customers all over China and internationally and their brand is "Fragrance of Asia".


Anhui Fengle Perfume Co., Ltd.

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