Emulmax 1000 V 

Emulmax 1000 V, product code 178701, is a fawn coloured shortening. This product contains a blend of various emulsifiers suspended in vegetable fat which complexes with both the starch and protein of the flour ensuring excellent keeping qualities and baked volume. Emulmax 1000 V can be used in any bread making process and will be found to give excellent tolerance to the dough throughout the entire make-up procedure.



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Bakels Worldwide manufacture, develop and distribute bakery ingredients for every market and sector including industrial, supermarket and retail and confectionery. Some of their products include bread improvers, dough conditioners and shelf life extenders, margarines and shortenings, cake coverings, icings, and filling creams, fruit and savoury glazes, fruit fillings, flavouring pastes and chestnut puree, etc.. Bakels Worldwide operating companies can collectively supply a range of more than 2,000 products.


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