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Castle Malting

Sticklebract is a dual use hops with a high alpha acid content. It will provide a healthy bottom line to the bitterness levels in a brew. Stricklebract provides robust aroma contributions. A high level of selinine is associated with the piney citrus character. It also comes with high levels of myrcene oil and registering levels of farnesene oil. Sticklebract is versatile from boil to dry-hop. Sticklebract enjoys the relatively disease free environment of New Zealand, and has not been associated with any mildews or fungus.




Castle Malting® is the oldest malting plant in Belgium and one of the oldest malt producers and suppliers in the world. They offer malt, hops, yeasts, spices, caps, sugars and cleaning products. Castle Malting® has managed to create a truly unique company that is able to respond to malt demands of any kind including those of a home brewer to the customized requirements of industrial breweries.


Castle Malting

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