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Tamarind Seed Gum 

Tamarind Seed Gum is a purified and refined natural plant polysaccharide gum extracted from the endorsperm of tamarind kernel. It is a white or creamy color odorless powder which can dissolve in cold water. It is used for flavoring yogurt, frozen drinks, fruit jellies and jams. It is a modifying agent for cakes and flour products.


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Food Taste & Additives (Shanghai) Sci-Tech Trading Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of food additives used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company focuses on producing and marketing a wide array of natural sweeteners, emulsifiers, acidity regulators, sugar alcohols, stabilizers, and more. Featured products include Carrageenan, Erythritol, Agar Powder, Tea Polyphenol, and Xylitol.


Food Taste & Additives (Shanghai) Sci-Tech Trading Co., Ltd.

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