Instant Black Tea Powder 

Instant Black Tea Powder is made from Yunnan and Qimen black tea. The product is refined through unique clarification technology. It is able to fully dissolve in water at 0°C, and part of the product can be fully dissolved in PH3 in cold water below 5°C. It is highly suitable to the production of solid ice tea.




Hangzhou Mingbao Food Co., Ltd. specializes in deep tea processing for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company developed a strategy to focus on producing high-grade products that include Instant Black Tea Powder, Instant Green Tea Powder, Ultramicro-tea Powder, Instant Oolong Tea Powder, and more. When processing these ingredients, they can preserve the original taste and color of the teas.


Hangzhou Mingbao Food Co., Ltd.

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