Amid Pectin 

Amid Pectin represents a sensible technological supplementation and alternative to the H&F Classic Pectins. H&F Amid Pectins are produced by suspending the dried pectin in alcohol and then treating it with ammonia. A defined number of methyl ester groups are changed into amid groups (amidation). The specific characteristics of the H&F Amid Pectins lead to different gel textures and show technological advantages in some areas.


化学品安全技术说明书 MSDS / SDS


Herbstreith & Fox KG is a supplier of high quality pectin for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company manufactures a broad range of Pectin ingredients that include Combi Pectin, Instant Pectin, Amid Pectin, Beta-pec Beet Pectin, Classic Apple Pectin, Classic Grapefruit Pectin, and Classic Citrus Pectin. These products are widely used in jams, baked and dairy products, and confectionery.


Herbstreith & Fox KG

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