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YIZHI Thickener 

YIZHI Thickener is a high thickening agent determined by heavy molecules, high water retaining capacity and uncharged-particle characteristics. It has a viscosity as high as 5000-40000mPa.s, which makes it a natural thickener. YIZHI Thickener has a capacity that can keep products solid and moisturize structure after being heated, which is not available in ordinary thickeners. It is commonly used to increase viscosity in ice cream mixes and to impart a creamy, firm body in dairy products.


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Hubei Yizhi Konjac Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a food processing company that supplies Konjac products used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company cooperates with several universities to establish a research center and develop products that include Konjac Fine Powder, Jelly Powder, Konjac Dietary Fiber, and more. These ingredients are widely used in meat products and dairy products.


Hubei Yizhi Konjac Biotechnology Co., Ltd

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