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Konjac Gum


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Konjac Gum is derived from the konjac plant of Asia produces a starchy fiber used in many health foods of Japan. It often exists in a gelatinous form, though it also can be produced with a stiff, rubbery finish similar to Western fruit leather. Some common foods that include konjac include vegan gelatin, flour, and herbal supplements. Konjac is typically known by more colloquial monikers. The most common is devil's tongue. The plant is also referred to as snake palm, elephant yam, and voodoo lily. In addition to Japan, the perennial plant can be found growing in China and Indonesia. In Japan, when the plant is used in cooking, it is known as konnyaku. Konnyaku is largely tasteless. The slightly salty, grey mass is prized for its texture rather than its taste. It is typically firmer than traditional Western gelatin, and often served in the form of thin strips or a thicker, rectangular bar. Many signature Japanese cuisine dishes and snacks contain konnyaku as an ingredient. Fruit jellies, such as lychee cups or candies, are made from the plant. Noodles, tofu alternatives, and Japanese oden all contain konjac.


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I.H.C. Chempharm

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