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Caffeine (Coffeine) 

Caffeine is a plant-based alkaloid which stimulates the central nervous system of any creature that ingests it. In nature, it serves as a form of pest control for certain plants such as cacao trees, coffee shrubs, yerba mate and tea trees. The caffeine causes insects and other pests to collapse from the effects of over-stimulation. Caffeine, also known as guaranine, mateine or theine depending on the source plant, is considered a psychoactive drug. However, it has not been designated a controlled substance, so its use in teas, coffees and sodas is not illegal. Coffee beans contain a significant amount, while tea leaves and yerba mate plants contain less. Cocoa beans also contain caffeine, but they contain much higher levels of another alkaloid called theobromine. When caffeine is removed from the source plant and reduced to its most natural state, it forms a white powder. This powdered form is actually the scientific definition of bitter, which is why many beverages containing caffeine also contain copious amounts of sugar or other sweeteners. That contained in stimulant pills such as No-Doz is not diluted with sugar, so the pills can be very bitter indeed.


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