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Thiamine Mononitrat-HCL B1 

Thiamine mononitrate, often referred to as vitamin B1, is an essential human nutrient involved in a variety of cellular processes, such as the synthesis of amino acids or the use of sugars as energy. Though the compound is required by the biology of all animals on Earth, it is only generated in primitive organisms such as bacteria and plant life, so human beings must obtain it through their food or nutritional supplements. When thiamine mononitrate is added as a supplement to foods such as breakfast cereals, it is often referred to in a broader context as a B-vitamin complex. This is because its usually added in conjunction with other B vitamins, such as vitamin B2 or riboflavin, vitamin B3 or niacin, and vitamin B6 known as pyridoxine, as well as others. While vital to virtually every cellular function in the body where it is broken down into thiamin pyrophosphate, one of these areas is the proper function of the human nervous system. If there is a deficiency of thiamine mononitrate, inflammation of nerves near the brain known as peripheral neuritis can occur. The vitamin is also crucial to metabolic processes such as digestion, and supplements are often prescribed to alleviate diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, and other related conditions affected by the impaired metabolism of food into energy and nutrients.


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