POMx Powder Extract 


POM Wonderful

POMx Powder Extract is a high-quality, pure pomegranate powder extract that is suitable for a variety of nutritional applications. To create this ingredient, we use only water to extract the beneficial polyphenols and other nutritious attributes from the pomegranate.


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It starts with what we plant--Wonderful variety pomegranates. We grow 100-percent of them in our own orchards, over 13,000 acres in California's sunny Central Valley. Then, we see them through every step of the process--from picking to manufacturing, packing to shipping. The result? A portfolio of premium pomegranate ingredients, ripe and ready to include in your premium products: 100% pomegranate juice concentrate liquid and powder forms, POMx extract liquid and powder forms, and freeze-dried arils and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) arils.


POM Wonderful

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