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Turmeric Oleoresin W/S (10%) 

Turmeric Oleoresin W/S (10%) is a natural product obtained by the solvent extraction of ground dried rhizomes of Curcuma longa L. The curcumin content is 10-11%. It is a water soluble, bright orange-yellow viscous liquid with an aroma characteristic of turmeric. It can be used for treating wounds and dermatosis and various digestive conditions like flatulence, indigestion and lack of appetite. Turmeric Oleoresin can also used as a food coloring and flavoring agent in soups, sauces, vegetable and meat dishes.




BOS Natural Flavors, Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of pure botanical, organic, and spice ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. Its specialty lies in isolating, extracting, distilling, and encapsulating natural plant resources. BOS Natural offers a full line of Oleoresins, Essential Oils, Natural Colors & Extracts, Organic Oils & Extracts, Floral Concretes, and Mint.


BOS Natural Flavors, Ltd

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