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Puratos Classic Mocha 



Puratos Classic Mocha is a concentrated paste with a mocha flavor. This product can be used as filling in many products such as mousses, cookies, brownies, cake donuts, cheese cakes, chou pastries, crème cakes, layer cakes, decorations, filled bars, muffins, pies, pound cake, pralines, cereal bars, snack cakes, sponge cakes, sweet goods, upscale cakes, verrines, and yeast raised donuts. Puratos Classic Mocha is highly versatile, as it works for many types of baked good applications and bakery conditions, and is designed to provide a unique taste profile.


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Puratos is a supplier of ingredients for the food industry. Puratos has a wide range of products that include mixes, improvers, and flavor enhancers for patisserie, bakery, and chocolate applications. Puratos creates products that have vital nutrients such as antioxidants, GDA, prebiotics, satiety, and whole grains. Puratos also uses the most advanced enzyme technology to create high quality bread products.




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