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Organic Tara Gum 

Organic Tara Gum is a natural additive obtained by grinding the seeds of the Caesalpinia Spinosa together, which can range from a white to yellow color. It has similar thickening characteristics to guar gum. This product acts as a thickener and stabilizer for bakery products, dairy products, meat based products, frozen desserts, sauces, dressings, condiments, water jellies, and fruit preparations.



Silvateam - Silvachimica is a manufacturing company who recently entered the hydrocolloid market with their production of stabilizer blends, pectin and Tara gum. They also provide an extensive line of natural extracts and oenological tannins to fully complete their product offerings that are suited for current market requirements. Their products help to extend shelf life and to aid in the texture, taste and appearance of finished products.


Silvateam - Silvachimica

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