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Sunson® PRA100 

Sunson® PRA100 is an acid protease made from Aspergillus niger through a cultivation and extraction technique. This product can catalyze the hydrolysis of protein under acid conditions (pH 2.5-4.0). It is used as a starch modifier in the production of bread, cake and sausage to improve flavor and quality, in soy sauce production to increase amino acid content, and in beer production to replace papain and bromelain.


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Sunson Industry Group Co. is a leader in the marketing, manufacturing, researching and exploring of the enzyme industry. Their products, for the Food Industry, are found in Wines, Fruit Juices and Bakery Applications. A current complete list includes Sunson® PEC-600, Sunson® WEM-007, Sunson® WEM-008, Sunson® SBE-01X, Sunson® SBE-01Li, Sunson® SBE-01Go, Sunson® PUL, Sunson® PRN60, Sunson® PRA100, Sunson® LTAA, Sunson® HTAA and Sunson® GA.


Sunson Industry Group Co., Ltd.

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