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Haifa Group目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

F241S is a white, granular powdered phosphate food additive that is a combination of Sodium Di, Tri- and polyphosphates. It ensures optimal water retention, improve yield, prevent oxidation and inhibit microbiological spoilage and rancidity development. Furthermore, they preserve flavor, color and texture. It is for use as a brine additive for fish and fish fillets, warm seas shrimps and scallops.


Haifa is a leader in the marketing, producing and developing of food phosphates for all divisions of the food and beverage industry, including Vegetable, Dairy, Fish, Poultry and Bakery processing. Their food phosphates include special blends, straight phosphates, and calcium, potassium and sodium phosphates. Custom blends are also available upon request.



Haifa Group

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