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L-Cystine is a colorless or white crystalline substance of hexagon, or crystalline powder. Cystine promotes oxide and reductive ability of human cell, increases white blood cell, cures the infections diseases such as asthma, never ache, eczema. It is a good drug for prevention of skin old and feeble, cirrhosis and other liver diseases.


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Jizhou Huaheng Group is focused on the processing, developing, and selling of Amino Acids.Their main products include Glycine, Food and pharmaceutical grade Glycine; L—Lysine mono hydrochloride, DL—Methionine, L—Treonine, L-Glutamine acid, L-Cysteine Hydrochloride and L- and DL—Alanine. Jizhou Huaheng Group also offers vitamins and sweeteners.


Jizhou Huaheng Biological Technology

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