Non GMO Soya Standard Liquid Lecithin 

Non GMO Soya Standard Liquid Lecithin is produced from non-GMO soya bean seeds. It is an output post-extraction of soya bean oil. It is an emulsifier and stabilize in food. It is a clear, viscous liquid.


产品技术规格书 TDS


Perfect Industries Pvt. manufacturer of Soy Lecithins for the Food Industry. It's main use is that of an emulsifier in food applications. Perfect Industries is a leader in the production of Non GMO Natural Phospholipid Granules, Non GMO Soy Lecithin Standard Liquid Lecithin, Non GMO Soy Lecithin Phosphatidyl Choline 35, Non GMO Soy Lecithin Granules and Non GMO Soy Lecithin Powder in Asia.


Perfect Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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