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Monocalcium Phosphate 

Monocalcium Phosphate is a white crystalline powder or plate crystal. Monocalcium phosphate is the acid ingredient of baking powder and self-rising flour. It is used as a leaving agent in baking and is used in products such as pancakes, energy powder, cookies, doughnuts, cakes, pastry mixes, cake mixes and other pastry products. It is also used in soft drinks, vitamins, yeast, humectants for meat, curing agent for pectin, and nutrition enhancer. Monocalcium phosphate helps protein to coagulate and thicken in instant puddings and no-bake cheesecakes and helps frozen vegetables and canned fruits and vegetables maintain firmness.


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Lianyungang Kede Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of additives for the food and beverage industry. Their product portfolio includes a wide range of products, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and compound phosphates; citrates, magnesium salts, ferrous sulfate, phosphoric acid, and more. With a team of professional, experienced workers, they are able to create quality, innovative products.


Lianyungang Kede Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

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