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King-Prebiotics® GOS-1000-P 

King-Prebiotics® GOS-1000-P is a Galacto-Oligosaccharide with a specification of 100% in powder form. This product stimulates the growth of both bifidus and acidophilus bacteria, as well as promotes the absorption of calcium, iron, and other minerals. King-Prebiotics® GOS-1000-P is most commonly used in a variety of food and beverage applications such as formulated milk powder, liquid milk, other dairy products, dietary supplements, beverages, and candies.


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New Francisco (Yunfu) Biotechnology Corporation is a manufacturer of a wide range of oligosaccharide products for the food industry. This company is also a prebiotics supplier to manufacturers located worldwide. New Francisco (Yunfu) Biotechnology Corporation specializes in creating oligosaccharides that have many applications to dietary needs and alternatives such as lactose and trehalose.


New Francisco (Yunfu) Biotechnology Corporation

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