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Agar-Agar BLR6001 is a natural macromolecule polysaccharide product extracted from seaweeds such as porphyra and Gracilaria etc. and refined by scientific methods. It is composed of Agarose and Agaropectin. The agarose is composed of (1-4) linked 3, 6-anhydro -a-L-galactose alternating with (1-3) linked-b-D-galactose. Agar-Agar BLR6001 is usually white or tiny yellow, free of smell or having light characteristic smell. This particular product has a gel strength of ≥900. It cannot dissolve in cold water but can easily dissolve in boiling water and dissolve slowly in hot water. It is widely used in producing granular orange beverage,jelly power, ice cream, soft candy, popsicle, meat, tomato sauce, coconut sauce, dry cheese, eight ingredient porridge (sweet), white fungus and bird's nest, thick soup, cold dish etc.


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Zhejiang Top Biological Science & Technology Co. (Shanghai Brilliant gum Co.,Ltd.) is a food industry company that is producing high quality products. Currently their range of products include konjac powder (gum), Agar-Agar, Iota semi-refined carrageenan, kappa semi-refined carrageenan (E407a), kappa refined carrageenan (E407) and blending powder based on them.


Zhejiang Top Biological Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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