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Lactic Butter


Kaskat Ltd目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

Lactic Butter is a deep yellow to nearly white emulsion made from pasteurized, aged, and ripened milk by churning, draining buttermilk, washing, working, and forming. It is very nutritious, has a long shelf life in right conditions, is an alternative to cooking oil, imparts a natural and unique flavor and improves moisture retention. It is generally used as a spread and a condiment, as well as in cooking, such as baking, sauce making, and pan frying.


Kaskat Ltd. is a dependable supplier of dairy products for the food and beverage industry. With a variety of milk powders and blends, whey powders, caseins and caseinates, proteins, permeate and lactose, butter, cheese, and anhydrous milk fat, they are equipped to provide customers with high-quality products. The company is committed to continuous development and innovation in order to better serve their customers.



Kaskat Ltd

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