L-Arginine Base (USP28) 



L-Arginine Base (USP28) is one of the most common 20 naturally occurring amino acids. It is synthesized from citrulline by cytosolic enzymes and argininosuccinate lyase. It plays an imperative role in immune function, cell division, the healing of wounds and the release of hormones. L-Arginine Base (USP28) has a loss on drying of not more than .5% with a heavy metal density of no more than .0015%. L-Arginine Base (USP28) is found in a wide variety of plant and animal products, including meat, seafood, dairy products, wheat germ, nuts and soybeans, and is known to have cardiovascular benefits. L-Arginine Base (USP28) is alkaline and has a bitter taste. It also helps neutralize acid nutrients such as ascorbic acid, niacin, pyroglutamic acid, and OKG.




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