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Ginko Extract



Ginko Extract comes from a plant in the family Ginkoaceae. This product originates in China. This product's main active costituents are ginkgolides and flavonone glucosides. This product acts as an anti-oxidant and prevents peroxidation. It fosters healthy brain functions. It is extracted through a solvent extraction method. It is used in nutraceutical capsules, tablets and drinks.


Puredia is an international producer that supplies natural raw materials used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company grows its plants in the cleanest ecosystem that includes an organic farm in Tibetan Plateau. The plants can better lock in nutrients and maximize photosynthesis. Featured ingredients include GojiPure™, SeaBerryPure™, CistanchePure™, EchinaceaPure™, and NitrariaPure™.




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