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Hop Oil Emullsion 

Hop Oil Emulsions are prepared from distilled Hop Oils or oil rich extracts and contain food grade emulsifiers. They are available from most commercial hop varieties. The emulsions convey the characteristic aroma and flavour of the hops from which they are prepared. They are fully dispersed in an aqueous emulsion and they provide all the benefits of Pure Hop Oils but in the form of an emulsion that is readily dispersible in beer and therefore easy to handle. Hop Oil Emulsions represent a cost-effective easy-to-use hop oil formulation. They provide a 'Dry Hop' character by addition to beer either pre- or post-fermentation. Emulsions produced with distilled Hop Oil may also be used to provide “late hop” aroma in beers brewed with reduced isomerised products for light protection.


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Barth-Haas Group is a premiere developer and manufacturer of hops and hop ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. Currently the biggest global hop supplier, it is actively involved in hop production, breeding, and processing. Barth-Haas provides a vast array of brewing essentials, including Amarillo® Hops, Hexahop® 95, Lipohop® C-Plus, Redihop®, and Summit® Hops.


Barth-Haas Group

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