PHA® Saaz 

PHA® Saaz is a flavoring agent consisting of original hop oil compounds in an aqueous propylene glycol (PG) solution. Obtained from Saaz hops, a Czech variety with a mild aroma and pleasant, hoppy notes, it enhances pleasant existing flavors and can mask some off-flavors. This product is ideal for use in beer; it can also be used in soft drinks and other beverage applications


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Barth-Haas Group is a premiere developer and manufacturer of hops and hop ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. Currently the biggest global hop supplier, it is actively involved in hop production, breeding, and processing. Barth-Haas provides a vast array of brewing essentials, including Amarillo® Hops, Hexahop® 95, Lipohop® C-Plus, Redihop®, and Summit® Hops.


Barth-Haas Group

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