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Amaltas Extract


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Amaltas Extract or Cassia fistula is a native of India but it is found and cultivated in South Asia and many tropical warm countries.The pulp of the fruit is a very safe laxative. It is also useful in heart diseases. Pulp of the fruit and leaves are generally used as Ayurvedic Medicinal Herb. In Ayurvedic medicine, Cassia fistula tree is known as aragvadha, meaning "disease killer". Cassia fistula, a member of the Leguminosae family, is widely used for its medicinal properties. It has been extensively used in traditional Indian medicine.


Venkatesh is an accredited institution in the field of manufacturing natural food additives and Active Ingredient raw materials. It offers a wide-range of natural ingredients including Natural Food Color Products, Flavors, Fruit & Vegetable Extracts, Standardized Herbal Extracts, Plant Extracts and Botanical Herbal Extracts for the Nutritional and Sports Nutrition, Functional Food & Beverage and Dietary Supplement Industries.



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