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Tomato Extract 

Tomato Extract is when the lycopene is extracted from the very healthy beneficial tomato plant. This product has been known to help in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular health, and dozens of other advantages are linked to the red fruit pigmentation. The extract can come in many different forms such as dietary supplements that are in powder form. A natural extract, lycopene is considered safe for most people. People with known lycopene or tomato allergies should refrain from using the supplement. Though side effects are rare, people who take lycopene extract can experience loss of appetite, nausea, and gas.


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Venkatesh is an accredited institution in the field of manufacturing natural food additives and Active Ingredient raw materials. It offers a wide-range of natural ingredients including Natural Food Color Products, Flavors, Fruit & Vegetable Extracts, Standardized Herbal Extracts, Plant Extracts and Botanical Herbal Extracts for the Nutritional and Sports Nutrition, Functional Food & Beverage and Dietary Supplement Industries.


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