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Turmeric Colour Powder 

Turmeric Colour Powder is derived from the Turmeric plant. The yellow-orange pigment in turmeric is called curcumin which is the primary pharmacological agent with potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and numerous health benefits. Curcumin has been the center of attention for treatment of an array of diseases, including prevention of cancer, Alzheimer's disease and leukemia and in treating diabetes, allergies, arthritis, cystic fibrosis and other chronic illnesses as well as lowering cholesterol, improving liver health and cardiovascular health.

The plant has a very distinct earthy, slightly bitter, slightly hot pepper flavor with a mustardy smell. Turmeric Colour Powder is commonly used in margarine, salad dressings, bakery items, deserts, meat, vegetable, rice and dessert dishes, beverages and sauces. It is also used as a supplement and in supplement mixtures.


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