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Fat Encapsulated Potassium Chloride EncapsuLux LTKCL 610-12


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Fat Encapsulated Potassium Chloride EncapsuLux LTKCL 610-12 is produced by cryogenically encapsulating potassium chloride, a micro fine food grade salt replacer and flavor enhancer, with a low trans fat and non-hydrogenated vegetable fat. Classified as E508, it is used as a flavoring and preservative in a variety of applications. In comminuted meat products, it reduces the undesirable reactions between the salt, chloride ions, water, and meat and dairy proteins. In batters and coatings, it reduces moisture absorption and controls flavor release. In baked products, it reduces the impact of salts present on yeast growth and helps to moderate protein (gluten) solubility. In seasonings, it is used to enhance meatiness and general savory tastes in low salt and reduced salt systems.


Arthur Branwell & Company is manufacturer and supplier of functional food additives and today develops and produces quality ingredients to the food and beverage industries. The offer a wide range of texturants, stabilizer blends and fully integrated emulsifier, stabilizer systems. Arthur Branwell & Company also provides non hydrogenated sustainable fat powders, free flowing stable Chocolate powders and spray crystallised Roux mixes.



Arthur Branwell & Co. Ltd.

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