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Cumin Seed


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Cumin is native to Egypt and has been cultivated in the Middle East, India, and China and Mediterranean countries for millennia. Cumin has played an important role as a food and medicine and has been a cultural symbol with varied attributes. Today and history also has experienced the flavor of cumin during the Roman Empire and in the ancient India where cumin has its mention as the sugandhan “well-smelling”. Cumin still maintained an important role in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Today, cumin is experiencing improved recognition owing to newfound appreciation of its culinary and therapeutic properties. Cumin is supposed to increase lactation and reduce nausea in pregnancy and has been shown to be effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as diarrhea, indigestion and morning sickness.


Altrafine Gums offers natural gums for food grade thickeners and organic paper gums manufactured to international standards. Some of the products they supply are cassia powders, psyllium husk, guar gum and carrageenan. Along with hydrocolloids, Altrafine Gums offer indian spices and seeds and animal feed products.



Altrafine Gums

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