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L-Glutamic Acid B.P. / E.P. 

L-Glutamic Acid B.P. / E.P. is an amino acid in either a white crystalline powder or colorless crystal form. This product is freely soluble in boiling water, but insoluble in acetic acid, acetone, alcohol, and ether. L-Glutamic Acid B.P. / E.P. is most commonly used as a functional food additive.




Bajaj Healthcare are focused on developing, manufacturing and the supply of amino acids, nutritional supplements and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Their products include calcium citrate, malate, chloine bitartrate, DL - Methionine, L - Glutamic Acid, L - Lysine Mono Hydrochloride. Bajaj Healthcare supplies various international pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries.


Bajaj Healthcare Ltd.

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