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Geniposide 98% 

Geniposide 98% is an iridoid glycoside isolated from the fruit of gardenia jasminoides ellis. It is used as a Chinese traditional medicine. Geniposide 98% has a significant effect on the digestive system, cardiovascular system and central nervous system diseases. When different conditions of fermentation occur, it can be made into natural food coloring called gardenia blue and gardenia red. Besides the medicinal usage, Geniposide 98% also has a wide range of applications such as plant yield agents, biological detection agents etc..




Chengdu King-tiger Pharm-chem specializes in researching and developing, extracting and purifying traditional Chinese medicines and natural plants and herbs. Some of their products include astragalus extract, Gardenia jasminoides Ellis extract and Galangin in China. Chengdu King-tiger Pharm-chem's extraction and refinery production factory runs under the GMP requirement and is located in Southwest HangKong Harbor Pharmaceutical Developing District.


Chengdu King-tiger Pharm-chem Technology Co. Ltd.

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