Maple Flakes, Organic 



Maple Flakes, Organic are a light brown to brown powder created by drying maple syrup in a vacuum. This product will have a sweetness, a crisp texture, and a flavor typical of maple toffee. It will melt in the mouth. Maple Flakes, Organic can be used in pastries, chocolates, bakery goods, spice mixes, ice cream, breakfast cereals, granola, in beverages, and as a coffee topping. This product has been certified kosher and organic, and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Nutritional & Analytical Information

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Decacer is a Quebec company who's main activity is maple syrup bottling and maple syrup flakes. Decacer products are 100% natural and naturally contain vitamins and minerals. Decacer’s products are exported to over thirty countries including to the United States and countries in Europe and Asia.



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