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Liquid Glucose 

Liquid Glucose is made from refined starch by acid hydrolysis or enzyme treatment following the process of refining and concentration. The main ingredients in this product are glucose, maltose, maltotriose and over maltotetrose. Liquid Glucose appears colorless or yellowish and has a low, sweet taste. This product is used for improving the flavor, and extending the shelf life in soft candy, bread, cake etc. Liquid Glucose is also used to maintain the flavor and extend the shelf life in preserved fruits, glazed fruits, jams etc.


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Luzhou Bio-chem Technology Limited is a refining company which mainly deals in the production and distribution of sweeteners for the food and beverage industry. Their product portfolio includes corn gluten meal, corn starch, dextrose powder, high fructose syrup, liquid glucose, and much more. The company makes use of innovative production methods in order to maintain their place as a top supplier of sweeteners.


Luzhou Bio-chem Technology Limited

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